Dry Verges

Dry Verges

100% Weather Proof

Dry Verges

Maintenenace Free.

Dry Verges

Quick Installation.

Dry Verge Services Carlisle

‘With our flat roofing service, we specialise in getting it right the first time.’

Nick Hedley Roofing offer professional services in the installations, repairs & maintenance of Dry Verges. We can provide expertise in this area across the regions of Carlisle, Cumbria and the Borders. Dry verges and ridges eliminate the need for mortar pointing. Mortar has a tendency to shrink and crack over time and will often fall out or allow water to enter the roof space through cracks.

Dry verges and ridges are normally made by manufacturers for specific tile profiles as a good fit is fundamental to their operation as a weather stop.

Benefits of dry verges

  • 100% Weather Proof
  • Maintenance Free
  • Speeds up on-site installation
  • Ultimate protection

Dry Verge Roof Edge Finishing

dry verge services

Over time your roof edges can be prone to gaps and show signs of ageing around the edges of tiled roofs.Dry verge products are the perfect finishing touch and offer a smarter way to tidy up edges and block any unsightly gaps while providing roof edge protection.
Made from PVC-U, our dry verge roof finishing uses a simple, clip fixing system of end caps for easy installation. Completely weather proof, it requires no maintenance and is available in various attractive colours to complement your roof line and roof tiles.
Suitable on new build roofs or roofs where the existing verge is being renewed. Designed to provide a simple, secure method of mechanically fixing verge tiles. Reduces the risk of wind damage and water penetration

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